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Located in the South Mississauga / Oakville area, the Yoshukan Karate Studio is dedicated to developing young people and promoting fitness for adults.

We offer a unique blend of traditional karate, self-defense, competition training, sparring and Okinawan weapons practice; all with a strong cardio stamina basis and an emphasis on Self defense,  Sportmanship and Cooperative Team Spirit.  

We are a strong community that believes and practices the adage that “it takes a whole dojo to raise a black belt”.  We are committed to helping our students develop their confidence by facing challenges that are physical, mental and spiritual.

We are a family dojo, providing a safe place for learning, training and striving. We have regular events throughout the year and our members typically form long-term friendships that include students, instructors and family. Our students succeed in personal development and competition, and have gone on to be strong leaders in their schools, communities and careers.

Develop Skills, Physical Confidence and Courage in  SAFE environment

We offer a varied curriculum that is taught using a detailed manual and supported by a filmed program offering insights into the emphasis and purposes of kihon (techniques), kata (formal exercises), bunkai (applications) and kumite (sparring).  


A NEW program for children ages 4 and 5







Karate classes for children ages 6 and up 



Karate for teens and adults ages 14 and up

Our facility

Modeled on the traditional Japanese dojo, our facility is a brightly-lit space with a varnished wood athletic floor and mirrors, complete with equipment for training, groundwork, weapons and fitness activities.  Parents and friends can watch classes in a seating area adjacent to the dojo or relax and socialize in a separate kitchenette area. 

Our facility has ample free parking and is located in Clarkson, south west Mississauga near the border of Oakville with easy road, transit and GO transit access.


Our instructors

We have a low student / instructor ratio and all  classes are led by adult black belt teachers who are trained by the founder of Yoshukan Karate, Kancho Earl Robertson. Each of our instructors have been with the school for over ten years, having attained 2nd or 3rd dan black belts. 

Nicole Wolfe                                   Peter Klambauer         Max Krouguerski       Zeljko Violoni                  Omer Gojak  

"Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment."
Jim Rohn




Yoshukan Karate Studio is a member in good standing with the Yoshukan Karate Association and Karate Ontario.